3D Textile Reinforced Carbon Fiber Aluminum Matrix Composites for Lightweight Applications

Three-dimensional textile-reinforced carbon fibre aluminium matrix composites (3D-CF/Al-MMC) with a load-adapted property profile offer a great potential for the application for structural components in lightweight design subjected to high thermo-mechanical loading conditions. However, the use of these new textile-reinforced aluminium composites in engineering requires an in-depth knowledge of the composites thermo-mechanical behaviour. In addition, a broad and lasting utilisation of this new material for lightweight structures is strongly inhibited by a lack of calculation methods, design principles and corresponding material models with associated material parameters, as well as a lack of process technologies suitable for serial production. To acquire the necessary knowledge about 3D-CF/Al-MMC considering among others heterogeneity, anisotropy, various textile arrangements, and technically relevant ambient conditions, considerable efforts are indispensable.

This book refers to the theoretical and technological basis for the exploitation of the high lightweight potential and the utilisation of the broad design possibilities, considering the choice of suitable fibre coatings, the modification of matrix alloys as well as the tailoring of 3D preforms both with regard to process-related loading conditions and to thermo-mechanical operational loads.

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