Casting in the development of civilization

„(…) This is an excellent brief history of the development of casting art and practice until the amazing present days. Very valuable is going back in time to the Chinese skill of making castings and partly also to the Hindu (Indian) experience, previously almost unknown in European studies and descriptions.

Attention also deserves reference to some genuine solutions designed by the Foundry Research Institute in Cracow, emphasizing in this way the role and importance of this institution in skilful adaptation of the international achievements, submitting also own proposals of inventions which, although forming only a part of the world development, are still a valuable contribution to innovativeness in this branch of industry.

Rich graphics illustrates progress made over centuries in the manufacturing process known under the name of the casting technique. The author should be congratulated for his profound and excellent knowledge of the subject and rich erudition, the more that the subject has been presented in a very short and concise form. Certainly this is an outstanding publication…” (Excerpt from a review written by Prof. Zbigniew Górny)

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