Forecasts and development trends in global and national foundry industry

The proposed publication is the fourth one in a series presenting the situation of the global and domestic foundry industry. As an introductory note, various pieces of information have been collected about the global and European casting market in 2011. The outlined picture shows that, as in previous years, in the ranking of world‘s major manufacturers of castings, the leading positions are occupied by China (42%), India (10%) and U.S.A. (10%). The production of Polish foundry industry is invariably at the level of 1% of the global production of castings. Among the European manufacturers of castings, Germany is the leader (25%), while Poland is in the seventh place (5%). Further part of the publication gives (based on a report of the AFS – American Foundry Society) the casting sales forecast by 2021 with breakdown into the cast metal grades and symbols of NAICS code, including forecasted changes in the U.S. foundry industry. Information about the situation of the casting market in Poland in 2011 (organization status, ownership structure, the production capacity of domestic foundries, the structure of casting production from ferrous metal alloys, i.e. gray and alloyed iron, ductile iron, malleable iron, cast steel, and nonferrous metals, the technologies used, the consumption rate of charge materials, exports, the structure of production, the employment and productivity in foundries, and the financial situation of foundry industry) was presented based on the results of statistical surveys conducted by the Foundry Research Institute in Cracow at the request of the Ministry of Economy. The study also gives the estimates of the production of castings in 2012 and forecasts for the development of the national foundry industry in 2013.

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