Forecasts and development trends in global and national foundry industry

Offering to the Readers – in the form of a compact publication – the latest information on the current state and development forecasts of the world and domestic foundry industry was initiated by the Foundry Research Institute in 2010.

The proposed publication is the second one in a series devoted to this particular subject. The study gives analysis of the global market for castings in 2009 (compared to the year 2008), using data compiled in a Report of the American Foundry Society (AFS), the data obtained from the European institutions and the results disclosed in a survey conducted by the Foundry Research Institute in Krakow for the Ministry of Economy. The conclusion from the analysis is that the leader in the manufacture of castings is invariably China with the production volume of castings making 44% of the overall world production of cast items; the second place is occupied by India with the level of production similar to the United States. The place of Poland with the production of castings representing 1% of global volume has not changed.

The part of the study related with the casting market in the United States shows the, developed by AFS, casting sales forecast until the year 2019 with breakdown into the cast metal grades and symbols of NAICS classification system, including also projected developments in the U.S. foundry industry.

The section on the casting market in Poland provides information for the year 2009 (developed by the Foundry Research Institute) including organisational status, ownership structure, production volume of the domestic foundry industry, the production structure of iron alloy castings (grey and alloyed cast iron, ductile iron, malleable iron, cast steel) and non-ferrous metals, technologies applied, consumption of charge materials, exports, production structure, employment and productivity in foundries, and financial situation of the foundry industry.

For the first time an attempt was made to present forecasts of development in domestic foundry industry in 2011.

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