Knowledge integration computer tools and algorithms in the improvement of the production processes of cast-steel castings

The monograph fills a gap in the national scientific and technical literature by providing the latest advances in the field of modelling and creation of systems using algorithms of artificial intelligence to improve the technological processes. The book, though it is an important scientific treatise presenting high-value original concepts developed by the authors, also features some educational values, which are the result of a well-structured content, clarity of wording and rich well-chosen illustrations. Thus it is of great value both theoretical and practical, and as such may serve as a tool in the improvement of foundry processes and in didactics, showing in a very clear and concise manner a method by which the algorithms of artificial intelligence are derived to improve various processes. In conclusion I wish to emphasize that the monograph deserves full recognition and as such should be published to provide a modern and valuable study. (A fragment of the review writtten by Prof. Edward Kącki)

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