Workshop on SPS and HPHT sintering

The Workshop on SPS and HPHT sintering aims to foster collaboration between scientists, researchers, and industry experts to explore the potential applications and advancements in these innovative sintering methods. By bringing together experts in the field, the workshop seeks to facilitate knowledge exchange, promote cutting-edge research, and identify opportunities for joint projects with Łukasiewicz – Krakow Institute of Technology. Join us at the workshop to delve into the exciting possibilities of SPS and HPHT sintering, where interdisciplinary discussions and networking opportunities will pave the way for future collaborations and advancements in materials science.

The basic topics of the workshop will include the points presented below, but will not be strictly limited to them.

  • Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) of various metallic, ceramic and composite materials
  • High-Pressure-High-Temperature sintering of various materials, including superhard materials (diamond, cBN, others)
  • Advanced sintering methods for specific fields of science and technology, e.g. nanomaterials and composites, materials for energy conversion, semiconductors, superconductors and others.
  • Basic and applied research on materials subjected to pressure, temperature and electric field.

The workshop is designed as an event consisting of two parts. In the first “theoretical” part, there will be a series of presentations on the above-mentioned topics, while in the second “practical” part (after lunch) we will go to our facilities where demonstrations will take place and there will be space for scientific and technical discussions.

Language of the Workshop: English

Important dates:
  • Deadline for speaker registration with abstract submission is April 22th, 2024
  • Deadline for registration without abstracts is April 29th, 2024

Abstract template:
  • Stationary
    Łukasiewicz – Krakow Institute of Technology
    Wrocławska Street 37a, 30-011 Krakow, Poland
  • Online via Teams
Workshop Programme

Organizing Committee:



  • Karolina Chat-Wilk, PhD Eng.
  • Joanna Kapusta, M.A.
  • Jolanta Laszkiewicz-Łukasik, PhD Eng.
  • Yuliia Rumiantseva, PhD Eng.
  • Stanisław Karcz, PhD Eng.
  • Marcin Podsiadło, PhD Eng.
  • Mateusz Gawron


Email: piotr.klimczyk(at)

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