Łukasiewicz Research Network – Krakow Institute of Technology

Łukasiewicz – Krakow Institute of Technology is a part of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, one of the largest research networks in Europe. The Łukasiewicz Research Network is an integrated market player providing attractive, complete and competitive business solutions. Our key development directions of strategic importance for the Polish economy are smart and clean mobility, digital transformation, health and sustainable economy and energy.

Research, development and implementation works of Łukasiewicz – Krakow Institute of Technology are carried out in three Research Centres, in which the key team of the research division responsible for generating innovative solutions for the industry is concentrated: Centre of Materials and Manufacturing Technologies, Centre of Technology Inspired by Nature and Centre for Biomedical Engineering. The Institute also offers commercial services executed mainly by the Department of Laboratories (including Accredited Laboratories), as well as by the Department of Certification. In addition, the Institute features the Department of Production, which focuses on the design and manufacturing of medical devices, mainly for cardiology, obstetrics and geriatrics, as well as packaging lines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and food industries. The vast array of specialized equipment within the Institute allows for research on a laboratory scale as well as a semi-industrial one.

The Institute focuses mainly on R&D projects and services. The Institute’s laboratories develop new technologies, materials, unique equipment and expert opinions for universities, research institutes and research departments of commercial entities. The recipients of the solutions developed at the Institute are representatives of the automotive, aviation, foundry, tooling, energy, medical and many other industries. The high level of work carried out at the Institute is guaranteed by cooperation with numerous scientific and research centres around the world, including joint research projects, exchange of staff and valuable experience in the field of research and implementations.

Research Centres of Łukasiewicz – KIT:

The Centre of Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (CMW) specializes in materials designing, manufacturing, shaping, machining and testing in the following areas: iron, cobalt and nickel alloys, non-ferrous metal alloys, mould technologies, computer-aided technologies, additive manufacturing technologies, sintering techniques, metal cutting and tooling, high temperature investigations and corrosion tests.

The Centre of Technology Inspired by Nature (CTN) focuses on research and development works in the following areas: renewable energy sources, biofuels and energy storage technologies, implants and biocorrosion, advanced biomaterials and lab-on-chip prototyping as well as biosensors and biomedical devices.

The Centre for Biomedical Engineering (CBI) carries out research and development works in the following areas: diagnostic techniques, analysis of biomedical signals, telemedicine systems, medical informatics, mechatronics and biomechanics. It designs and manufactures unique research and diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment.

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