Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing is an alternative to classical testing techniques. During destructive testing, interfering with matter, the structure of the analysed object is violated, which often affects the distortion of the final results. Therefore, if you want to test a functional element without disturbing its original structure, you should choose the non-destructive testing technique.

Łukasiewicz – Krakow Institute of Technology offers the following non-destructive tests:

  • non-destructive testing of finished elements – computed tomography (CT) and X-ray radiography, magnetic-particle (MT) and ultrasonic (UT) method
  • non-destructive testing of dimensional and shape correctness as well as external surface quality (technical metrology)
  • determination of Young’s modulus by ultrasound
Computed tomography (CT) – Analysis of defects in the casting
Computed tomography (CT) – Structure of AlSi7Mg aluminum alloy with cellular structure
Computed tomography (CT) – Car valve
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